Brief History

1776  Official beginning of the United States of America.


1830  St Stephen's Episcopal Church is incorporated in Olean, New York.  Making St Stephen's the oldest church in Olean. 188 years old and still going strong!


1898  St Stephen's Episcopal Church ran a five day fair and raised $3500.  This money was used to start Olean General Hospital which  was officially incorporated on 7/13/1898.


 1990  Fr. James Snodgrass, minister of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, is the leader of the Homelessness Task Force with the vision to have a place for homeless families to find support, solace and help getting their lives together.


1993  St Stephen's Episcopal Church purchases the property next door and Genesis House was created. 25 years old and still helping the homeless. A more complete history of Genesis House can be found on the Webpage ,


 2014 Kim Rossi, Pastor of St Stephen's Episcopal Church, and Mary Plonka, Parishioner of St Stephen's Episcopal Church create the Miriam Center for Hope and Healing LLP with the vision of providing a comfortable setting where people find support and treatment for healing and growth, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. A more complete description can be found at the webpage,