What we are about

At St. Stephen’s we strive to present Christ in life and work by the power of the Holy Spirit in such ways that people will be led to believe in him as Savior and follow him as Lord within the fellowship of the Church.

Who we are and the values we hold

Most important to us as Christians is our belief and trust in God as revealed to us in the life and person of Jesus Christ. It is he who reconciles us to God from having been separated by our own sin. In Christ, we are redeemed and given worth and value as people of God. Our response to that gift of reconciliation is to offer love, compassion and forgiveness to others.

We believe that God is revealed to us primarily in creation, redemption, and as source of strength, guidance and holiness. Both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation. The church is the community of God that is one, (in Christ) holy, (set apart) catholic, (universal), and apostolic, (sharing the faith from the apostles.) Our mission is to restore all people to unity with God.

Our faith is based upon loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind and loving our neighbor as we would love and respect our own self. Christian love gives of itself and loves and respects the dignity of all people. This is the standard by which our faith is lived. We promise as Christians to continue in the teaching of the apostles, in the sharing of the Eucharist each time we gather in Christ's name, in resisting evil, and repenting whenever we fall into sin. We seek to be an example of Christ by proclaiming Him by word and action. We want to serve Christ in everyone and to strive for justice and peace among all people.